Did you really try to skip the Unlocking The Automated Millionaire part?


Hey there’s no skipping over this important part. Sorry.

I get you. You have already signed up for so many things, that your inbox is overwhelmed with lots of non-useful stuff and you have already been witness to so much – excuse the word – crap already.

In addition, you are scared that once you give out your email address, then you will be spammed like crazy or that all of a sudden your inbox will be suffering from an influx of all sorts of crazy spam posts from who knows where.

I understand perfectly and here’s what I can tell you.

First of all, I have only the best intentions at heart here. I hate spam as much as anybody. I run several businesses and each have several email addresses that I need to monitor and keep open. You can just imagine the amount of spam and useless pieces I get over time. So my promise to you is first:

I will not spam you. I will only send you information that I believe has your interest and that can add value to you and your business.

My second promise connected to this, is:

I will not disclose, sell or otherwise distribute of your email or other information to any third parties.

My intention is for us to build a lasting and valuable relationship and I intend to honor that from the get go and onwards.


Now, should you still be skeptical – I know, it sounds unlikely that anyone would be – then let me assure you that you can always opt out again at any time. Though I will hate to see you go, you can at any time of your choosing opt out. I would love, of course, that before you may do such a crazy thing, that you would reach out to me to let me know why or indeed how I can improve upon my relationship with you to provide you with more value and more relevance.


Yes, The Automated Millionaire is not for every one.

I believe the content to be of high value, very relevant to any entrepreneur, useful and have implementable pieces of information. I believe that by receiving more of my insights that I have gathered from running a multitude of businesses over many years, with such a diversity of industries, cultures and whatnot, you too should be able to derive noticeable value and the opportunity to implement ideas into your business that could provide you with great advances in your own results.

Can I promise this?

Not at all.

I have no knowledge of where you are on your journey on your entrepreneurial path. Furthermore, I have no knowledge of your skills, abilities, attitude, tenacity and other factors that I believe require certain characteristics in order for someone to achieve success and results of any decent kind.

So I cannot make any promises about the results you will gain from here.

What I can promise you, is that I believe there to be much value and relevance in what I will bring you. What you make of it will be entirely up to you.

I may add that some of the people who have gone before you and with whom I have shared ideas were able to massively increase their business and to boot in a very short time span by implementing what I shared with them. Maybe, just maybe, this could be your story too, but at this point we just don’t know, and I will make no such promises.

So anyways, you are asked to risk parting with your valued email address so I can allow you inside the content of The Automated Millionaire. And yes, it will require you to give me your correct email address and not just a bogus email address as the latter will take you nowhere.

So are you up for it?


Now let’s go. Type in your email address below and let’s get the show started.